This law allows spouses or children who have been victims of domestic violence by a permanent resident or citizen of the United States to obtain immigration status and work authorization.

Consult with the immigration attorney.


The main purpose of this type of visa is business or tourism.

As for tourism, it can include different options such as visiting friends, places, attractions, shopping, recreational activities and much more.

As for business, it includes participating in congresses, fairs, and having work meetings, among other things.

With this visa, it is absolutely allowed to combine both activities on the same trip. In other words, you can travel to the United States, and on the same trip, you can have meetings and carry out any tourist activity.

Also, the B-1 / B-2 visa allows the possibility of participating in short courses to learn or improve specific knowledge, as long as this activity consumes a low amount of weekly hours, and is not the main purpose for which it was carried out trip.

Consult with the immigration attorney.